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  • Senior Style

    Senior Style

    Graduation is an exciting time. Although mine was many (many) years ago, I still remember the feeling I got when I put on my cap and gown for the first time. I don’t believe there is another rite of passage that exists that carries as much weight as high school graduation. You are growing up, leaving home and embarking on the rest of your life outside of your parents’ safety net. It is scary, fun and intimidating all at once.

    And what rite of passage would be complete without a photo to document it?

  • Giant musical makes premiere during FS

    Giant musical makes premiere during FS

    Children of all ages are likely familiar with the books of Roald Dahl. From Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to Matilda, his unique and quirky characters have made their way into popular culture. Broadway has adapted many of his classics and now, James and the Giant Peach joins the lineup – with this summer’s FestivalSouth landing the regional premiere.

  • Kelly Lee Owens, Sneaks using minimal music

    Kelly Lee Owens, Sneaks using minimal music

    Women dominate the pop charts. Even though you know many of these artists by just one name, they are all multi-hyphenates spreading their talents across the entire realm of entertainment. However, Indie music seems to push women toward strumming guitars and trying to be the next Joni Mitchell. Sneaks and Kelly Lee Owens are two artists who seem to eschew guitars all together and pursue using minimal music to ensure that their artistry stands well above everyone else.

  • AAA Anserphone has the answers

    In the shadows to the east and across Hwy. 49 from Forrest General Hospital sits a blond brick, non-descript building. The work that goes on within its walls might seem like utter chaos to some. But for Clara Boutwell and daughter, Darlene Bond, it’s more like controlled non-chaos. Answering some 1,500 to 1,600 phone calls a day, AAA Anserphone (no, that’s not a misspelling) and Doctor’s Exchange works around the clock – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. And it’s done so for more than 60 years.

  • Signature Q&A: Rebecca Chandler

    Rebecca Chandler is the daughter of Wanda and Terry Chandler of Vance, Ala.. She has a BFA in Dance Performance and Choreography from the University of Southern Mississippi. She is the owner, instructor and choreographer at Hattiesburg Ballroom and Beyond, and the creator, producer and choreographer for Hattiesburlesque. She is also the head coach of the Southern Misses dance team.


    What is your idea of happiness?

  • Real Talk with Real People: Kim Wilson

    The definition of strength is the state of being strong. Of course, that’s at face value. Looking deeper, it’s the notion that someone or something can withstand great force or pressure.

    If I had to pick someone out of the crowd who embodies that word, I would pick this month’s featured person 12 times over. But, not because she can deadlift 375 pounds or bench press 165 pounds.

  • Meet Jennifer Clark

    Meet Jennifer Clark

    Jennifer Clark and her husband, Steve, love the Pine Belt. Jennifer grew up in the city, going to school in Hattiesburg. Steve grew up in the country, going to school in Forrest County.

    However, what they love is to tell other people about the Hub City and surrounding area. For Jennifer, who runs EmergeEvents event planning in Hattiesburg, her hometown is the ideal location for her business. The Hattiesburg Craft Beer Festival, which Clark organizes, was named a runnerup in Best Annual Event in 2016 Best of the Pine Belt voting.

  • Meet Anita Knott

    Meet Anita Knott

    When most people think of a juggler, images of an entertainer tossing various items through the air with precision are called to mind. However, Anita Knott makes it through each week with a slightly different juggling act.

    In one hand, she is a behavior specialist for the Hattiesburg Public School District; in the other she is a mother to five children, a volunteer with her church’s youth group and last, but not least, she is wife to Cedric Knott.


Eat, drink, and be merry
  • Town Square Cafe and Bakery

    Town Square Cafe and Bakery

    We like to keep our ear to the ground, attuned to pick up news about new restaurant openings in the ’Burg.

    After we started writing the Signature food feature, we quickly learned that one of the best perks is that people are excited about sharing food news with us.

    So, from the first “There’s a new cafe opening downtown,” we’ve picked up any information that came our way about Town Square Cafe and Bakery and anticipated featuring them here. 

    First, news of the location – the Pastry Garden building at 129 Walnut St.

  • Top Chef: Jessica Jacobs, Town Square Cafe & Bakery

    Top Chef: Jessica Jacobs, Town Square Cafe & Bakery

    Jessica Jacobs, 34, hails from Saucier, where she grew up with four sisters and two brothers. She attended Jeff Davis Community College. Her cheesecake won a bronze medal at the American Culinary Federation Culinary Classic in 2008.


    What’s one ingredient that you can't live without?



    What’s your favorite type of music to listen to when cooking?

    I’m surrounded by noise in the restaurant all day, so when I bake, I prefer silence. I find it soothing.